I’ve been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the past week, and somehow, amongst the talk of LVAD wires and craniotomies, I’ve come to the strange realization that I would typically tell people more about these fictitious characters than I would myself. So, in an effort to be open and honest and real and.. I don’t know, not a depressed robot, these are some things that no one really knows about me.

  • I like writing on sketchpads and post-its rather than notebook paper because they don’t have lines and are therefore less restrictive.. metaphorically.
  • “The Cello Song” is actually one of my favorite songs.
  • I do most things last minute. I tell myself it’s because I’m a clutch hitter; really, it’s because I’ve made procrastinating a professional sport.
  • I could eat raw black olives as if they were candy.
  • I wish my oldest brother and I had a relationship.
  • Graduations and weddings make me cry.
  • ..and television shows, but somehow when I see real people crying, I’m more concerned about consoling them and fixing their problems than I am with myself crying.
  • I grade in every color but red.
  • I think that “thank you” are the two most meaningful words.
  • Beer makes me vomit (regardless of quantity).
  • I love the feeling of when a song hits you when you’re at Shoprite or driving home and it takes you to a certain place when you had a great memory.
  • I don’t believe in myself nearly as much as I express.
  • For once, I’m ready for change.

– Ms. S.


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