It’s 12:15am. I just posted my lesson plans. The cat is asleep on my foot; the poor thing has been sneezing all day. My living room is a disaster. I have so many dishes to wash, and lord, don’t even get me started on laundry.

I. am. exhausted.

I have been going non-stop since Friday morning when I left for school. My normal schedule was complemented with a 504 meeting, lunch duty, music practice, and chaperoning the dance. Saturday took shape with a meeting for my business followed by working six hours at my third job, then coming home to do more professional development and planning. Sunday Funday started with solid selfie taking and ended after six hours at my third job and food shopping.

Like I said: exhausted.

And you know what? I kind of love it.

Until now, I’ve never actually hustled for anything. Through my teen years, I was most certainly blessed with parents who made sure I never really wanted after anything. College came easy, and most of the opportunities I yearned for I was able to attain. I scored a job right out of college and an apartment the day after that. Things have always seemed to fall into place for me. I hadn’t realized this until this spring when I found myself legitimately evaluating my life (and not in that “I’m sad and my life sucks right now, so I’m going to tell people I’m changing my life” sort of way). I realized I wanted more and that I am capable of getting more. So, in August, I made a bold decision to start a business, one that, okay, has up until this point been a financial burden, but has given me or, well, pulled out of me, this intrinsic drive to get shit done. I’ve met some wonderful, equally (if not more) driven as I am, women who have been such a blessing. I’m learning how to manage my 60+ hour a week career (because what teacher TRULY puts in only 40 hours? I mean, come on) with this social media-based experiment of a business venture with my third occupation, a renaissance woman with an incredible family-based company of which I spent my time over the summer.


I’m not in the groove yet (as if posting my lesson plans only eight hours prior to them being due isn’t a clear enough sign of that). I haven’t found that harmonious melody with the effortless shifting of the keys of my life from work to social to business to work to vet visits to work to food shopping to this and that and the other.

But I’m on my way.

-Ms. Sunshine


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