I am.

One of my Y-sisters (through my new business adventure) shared this pearl of wisdom tonight, and I think everyone can benefit from her reminders.

I am. These are the two most powerful words in the human language. What you put after those words can really make all the difference in the world. The things we tell ourselves are what we speak into existence, and they really are what becomes our reality,” LeeAnn Brizak.

She’s right. What we choose to put behind those two words defines us and dictates where our road is taking us. All too often, I follow “I am” with something negative. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m sure my friends (most certainly my parents) have heard me say time and time again, “I am tired,” “I am stressed,” or “I am dissatisfied. I have to ask – Why? What’s the point in consistently identifying myself with something negative? I may feel that way or be frustrated for a moment, but that doesn’t mean stress should define me. I am not the baggage on my shoulders nor the burdens in my hands. I am what I do with them.

Following along with this amazing lady, I intend on making the conscious effort to finish my sentence positively. As I’ve wrapped up my first summer as a camp counselor, I’d like to share that I am grateful for the friendships that grew stronger due to camp. I am excited to start a new business based on products that I love with people who share the same vision and who inspire me to be better. Now, looking forward to another new, ever-changing school year in the world of the seventh grade readers and writers, I am ready to accept new challenges (and I’m sure they’re going to be plenty of them!).

(photos taken before and after surviving my first 5k.)
With every sentence, as is with every decision in life, you have a choice: you can choose to be positive+ or choose to be negative-.

Choose the plus+.
Live the plus+.
Be the plus+.

(And beYOUtiful doing it!)

Ms. Sunshine


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