A little moment. 

Thursday was “take your child to work day,”and one of the cutest moments happened with one of my kids.

While taking the 8am attendance, one of my dearest boys sat adjacent to my desk and told me stories of his baseball game and why he got ejected. Another boy happened to ask simultaneously why I didn’t bring my kids to school (this is a big day for middle schoolers apparently, and this question popped up throughout the day). I pause my little hyena to tell his classmate that I in fact don’t have children. In a second, the first boy stands up and explains, “I’M RIGHT HERE, MS. SUNSHINE. GEEZE!” He then grabbed his books and stormed toward the door. In those few seconds, the bell to signify the end of homeroom rang, and, before he stomped off into the halls, he turned to exclaim, “You couldn’t even wait until I was gone!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

My pseudo son and I had a good laugh about this later. He called me one of his favorite teachers and thanked me for our constants and “therapy sessions.” He also commented that I’m like “his school mom.”

In retrospect, the morning giggle meant more to me than I thought. It was (and still is) really touching to hear students show the same amount of care toward me that I feel for them. He made a funny about the day, but it really showed me the impact that I’ve had thus far.

Laughs and smiles,
Ms. S.


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