Write9 & 10.

(9) What did you dream about last night?

Captives held by a terrorist of some sort in search of something lost in the icy, adjacent waters.

“One of you needs to go back down there,” she declared, followed by a click of her gun, “Now.” I looked at the floor, grappling with what I was going to do next. As I took a breath and stepped forward to volunteer, Connor was already taking off his jacket and walking down the hallway toward the outside. I dropped to my knees.

Twenty minutes felt like an eternity. He emerged from the dim hallway, followed by an armed man, soaking wet and shivering. I wanted to tell him so much, but nothing came out. I grabbed him, as tight as I could, and held him. The guard moved hastily across the room toward our captor and began speaking in some Russian-like language. It all faded in my mind; all I could do was look to Connor.

He wouldn’t meet my gaze. He stood there with his arms wrapped around himself, trembling. I began running my hands up and down his arms for warmth, knowing that too much heat will send his body into shock. As I rubbed his muscular arms and stomach, he whispered something in audible in my ear. “What?!” I stopped, fearing he was saying something important. With a small smirk, he repeated, “I think you’re just doing this for the muscles.” Normally, I would have smacked him or sassed him or rolled my eyes. Without looking up, I continued to work, secretly smiling, knowing that my sarcastic other half was safe and that we would face whatever was in our near future together.

(10): The best advice for a teen just graduating from high school.

Allow yourself to grow and change and become who you’re meant to be. Don’t hold on to high school forever. Sure, now you call it “the best time of you’re life.” Believe me when I say that the best times are years down the road and appear when you least expect them. Don’t count out your todays in fear of your tomorrows. As you graduate, you’re leaving a safe, comfortable life behind to embark on a journey to find another. Take chances and many of them. With risks come rewards. With challenge comes change and growth. You may thin k that this is your forever; it is merely the preface for today. Good luck, young traveler.


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