While sharing some SoL love, I came across a trend of identifying “one little word” for 2015: something to strive for, practice, embrace.. one culminating word to envelope your year.

I want to say that there are so many changes in my life that make it hard to choose a word, but, truthfully, there aren’t. I’ve found myself in a changing world and have yet to adapt. You see, if I still lived in my hometown, I’d probably be that girl that visits her high school an obnoxious amount of times, refusing to let go of who she was then (unless, of course, I was employed there).

Based on recent events and, well, how I’ve been viewing myself lately, I think I want to make my OLW15 challenge.

Everything that has to do with this school year has been a challenge for me, and as a fellow slicer had mentioned, the difficult part of New Years for teachers is that January 1st doesn’t make a new year for us, but rather a.. quarter way point? Our new years fall in late August as we return to our sanctuaries of classrooms with our overflowing Lakeshore bags and copious amounts of ambition.

Without opening a bottle of wine and crying about my feelings, I want to challenge myself to be a better person. To be a more engaging, more enthusiastic, more prepared, and more thoughtful teacher. To be a more present, more attentive, and more nurturing friend. To be a more available and more confidant woman. To be a more self respecting person.

Challenge leads to growth, and growth leads to change.

Here’s to 2015.
Ms. S.

So far this year, I’ve challenged myself to fulfill a creative writing task everyday. Check out my Write365 posts for some inspiration! All posts come from the book “642 Things to Write About.”


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