Slice of.. what you really want to say.

I know that SoL isn’t meant for videos, but this is something that needs to be shared.

Teachers, how many times do we bite our tongues and withhold our true, raw, sometimes inappropriate opinions?

Every time you, our students, call out or don’t bring your homework or ask for a pencil for the 8,000th time, we stay silent. We stay silent when you curse us in class, and we stay silent when you refuse our world. Have you ever thought of what we’d like to say? We want to tell you how much we see in you and that we wish you could see yourselves the way we see you. We want to say that by fighting your strengths and your natural abilities to listen and learn and grow, you’re inhibiting yourselves to only live within the confined boxes of your environment as it stands. We want to tell you how undoubtedly frustrating it is to fight for you when you’ve chosen not to fight for yourselves.. how it kills us to see your talents wasted over thinking it’s stupid to look smart or the idea that “street cred” is more valuable than intelligence. The second you raise a fist, you silence your voice, and every time you allow the outside world to break your spirits and influence you to retaliate, you have forfeit your right to become something and someone greater..We want to tell you that a piece of us hurts because of the words you say and the disrespect you show. Your words wash over us, but what remains is the dagger of realization that you have chosen to let hatred speak over accepting the fact that the reason you hate us is because we challenge you to be greater than you already are and setting for nothing less than what’s relative to the greatness within you.

And, at the end of the day, you’re the reason why we do what we do. So, no matter how many times we butt heads and throw down, you’re the reason why we come to work each day.

You play a bigger role in our lives than you would think.


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