Slice of normal.

As a continuous practice in placing commas in a series of three items or more, I asked my students today to construct a sentence with a list using the words provided. Some of the words included “dinosaur,” “pumpkin,” “leggings,” and “iPhone.” The students could be as creative as they wanted to be, given they followed the directions of the do-now.

The student in the back center surprised me. There he sat, in his golden tie and button down shirt, silent and focused. He usually didn’t speak much. Truthfully, he usually wasn’t there. His plan from his previous school has raised so many questions. Who is this kid?

“I am sunshine, but I’m not.
I can transform, but I’m not a Transformer.
In my past life, I was a dino but not a dinosaur.
I am not abnormal.
Just normal.”

The fact that he didn’t follow the assignment completely soon became irrelevant. He had a message, and he wanted to be heard.

He’s just normal.


5 thoughts on “Slice of normal.

    • I know; I was speechless when he read it. I tried to quickly jot it all down over his shoulder as we moved forward because I knew I didn’t want to forget this.

  1. Short and sweet and to the point. How great that there are teachers out there who saw that point of his and saw him as he wanted to be seen: normal. It’s what we all want: acceptance! understanding! while still being US. Really nice slice!

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