An honest response.

“My value as a teacher is now reduced to how successful I am in getting a student who has eaten no breakfast and is a pawn in her parents’ divorce to score well enough to meet my teacher evaluation goals.”

Although, I’ll admit, I should be typing my (already late) lesson plans and SGO pretest for tomorrow, I couldn’t help but share this article. One of my high school classmates is enduring her first year in education, and when she posts about her frustrations, I feel for her. I’ve been there; hell, I’m still there. She commented that she isn’t even finished her first year and yet this is exactly how she feels. After exploring the article, I felt that I had to share.

After 19 years in an alternative career, Elizabeth A. Natale embarked into education to shape young minds and to share a love of literature, goals many of us share. With the number of changes made to education in the past few years, Natale faces and expresses the pressures that we often vent about: the loss of our passions and the fixation on numbers.

“I cannot assess students by plugging them into a computer. They are not machines. They are humans who are not fazed by a D but are undone when their goldfish dies, who struggle with composing a coherent paragraph but draw brilliantly, who read on a third-grade level but generously hold the door for others.”

Check out her article here:

And so, my friends, I ask you, where do you stand on the changes to our system?

– Ms. Sunshine


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