The little things.

 Discover. Play. Build.
Throughout the week, I tried to keep a conscious eye on the little things that go right, rather than the plethora of things that go wrong. So, for this celebration Saturday, there is much to acknowledge:

  • my old team that, despite all of the disagreements and throw downs that occurred last year, loves me and supports me in all aspects of things, no matter what.
  • my best friend, for taking my calls at all times of the day and for helping me get through this already challenging year.
  • Dunkin Donuts coupons.
  • remembering great times with my college roommate.
  • when a student says “have a great day” at the end of class.
  • community walks for different causes. (So excited to have three this fall: the anti-bullying walk in my school district, the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk, and a Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk)
  • fall attire and, well, basically pumpkin everything.
  • when students go above and beyond without having to be prompted to do so.
  • grateful parents.
  • grateful students.

Happy Saturday, y’all.
– Ms. Sunshine


6 thoughts on “The little things.

  1. Much to celebrate – donuts, grateful students and parents, pumpkin everything, and college roommates! Glad you’re watching for the little things, they add up to a fun celebration.

  2. Listing little things add up to a happy celebration. “When students go above and beyond without having to be prompted to do so” – this one lights a teacher’s heart.

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