Celebrate country.

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In an effort to truly enjoy all of the moments that will occur during my second year of teaching, I’ve joined the “celebration Saturday” community through Ruth Ayres Writes. So, here we go.. my first celebration Saturday.

After my first full week back, I want to celebrate country music. We all have our favorite songs, those songs, that no matter what mood we’re in, we can put them on and instantly smile. For me, it’s all about country music. Country music traveled with me through my teen years and the endless nights wondering about my mother’s chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Country blasted from my car when I first learned to drive and can be heard from my purse when my phone rings. I’ve found in my life that country music embodies every emotion. Feeling nostalgic? “I go back.” Heartbroken? “More like her,” “You’l think of me,” or “Before he cheats.” Feeling taken advantage of by someone you respected? “I pray for you.” Missing home? “The House that Build Me.” Facing loss? “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.” The list is endless.

Yesterday just wasn’t my day. I left my classroom dojo feeling angry to the point of tears. I couldn’t truly vocalize how angry I was; all that came out were tears. I felt belittled, disrespected, and taken for a fool because of a technicality. On the half hour ride home from work, I searched for the right therapy: the right person to answer their phone, the perfect saved text. Nothing worked until it came on.
“Little Miss.”

Little miss “do your best.”
Little miss “never rest.”
Little miss “be my guest, I’ll make more anytime that it runs out.”
Little miss, “you’ll go far.”
Little miss “hide your scars.”
Little miss “who you are is so much more than you like to talk about.”
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright.
Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose ’til you win.
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright.
It’ll be alright again.

Back to the celebration: I love that country music can save me no matter what has happened. I turned to it when my mom was sick and eleven years later, it’s the first thing I reach for in times of need. Because of this song on this day, it became clear that, much like my other favorites, whatever I was feeling would last the duration of the song on a few replays and that is it. Forever isn’t forever when the perfect song shows you the light again.

Thank you, Sugarland.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate country.

  1. Welcome to the celebrate community. Yesterday’s tears wiped off with the help of a song. Celebrating music together with you.

  2. I love your ending line, & welcome to the celebration Saturday group. It’s tough to end the week like that, but makes me glad your song helped you make the leap to better! You should read the post by Michele (one L). She’s going to see Garth Brooks tonight! Have a great weekend!

  3. Country music has gotten me through lots of moments also, so I knew exactly where you were coming from. And you cry when angry–we should start a group! I hate when I am so angry to the point of tears and then it just looks like I don’t have anything to say. But thank heavens for music. I always tell kids that everyone needs at least one album or group of songs that they know all the words to and can sing along with at the top of their lungs. So good for the soul.

    And, welcome to Saturday celebrations! It’s a great place to find the positive!

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