Slice of actuality.

Changing subjects, changing classrooms.
Taking on more responsibility than most.
Showing up “just because.”
Arriving early and staying late.

Loving and connecting more than anyone.
Being a friend, an ally, a tutor, and a help.
My roles extend beyond my walls.

Fueled by passion that is slowly being repressed.
Fighting to remember why I started this.
Coping with the incessant need to prove my worth.

“Here’s what I’m doing and what you should do.”
What I should do?
Follow the leader, follow the test.

You think you’re helping by telling me what to do.
You’re showing your lack of confidence in me.
You think I’m not good enough
because I’m not you.

The life of a non-tenure teacher,
take two.


3 thoughts on “Slice of actuality.

  1. Somehow we have to get this whole tenure/seniority thing figured out. The current system sucks. I can say that – I will be starting my 20th year of teaching and currently have seniority. And while I am grateful for the protections tenure has offered because I have the propensity to speak up when I think things are wrong with the system – it is still a grossly unfair system. It makes no sense that the last teachers hired are the first ones out when there is a reduction in force, irregardless of their impact on students. This whole notion of “paying your dues” by getting the broken desks, the dregs of the supply list, and the most difficult class list – needs to stop. Some of the worst bullying I have ever seen is at the hands of other teachers – mostly the ones with tenure. Truth!

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