Slice of memory.

When I worked at a fragrance shop after high school, my boss always preached about the importance of the right smell. “It can be a memory!” At the time, I was the combative teen who thought, “A big-business manufactured odor? Doubtful,” although I knew, deep down, she was absolutely right. Grapefruit and jasmine, South Carolina. Coconut lime verbena, the Outer Banks.

And wood. Crisp, polished wood. That’s a smell I can’t forget.


With everything going on in my life, it’s grown harder and harder for me to imagine that smell and imagine the sound of my uncle whistling the Miss America theme as I left my room and the vision of my brother cracking crab shells in front of the stove.. the image of the champagne toasts at sunset and the family huddled around a table of candles when the island lost power.. I can’t smell it anymore, but you can believe that I can feel it. And although life has changed everything, it can’t change that.

Take the challenge, and cut yourself a slice of life via


One thought on “Slice of memory.

  1. Wow! Such a beautifully written description of how nostalgic scents can be 🙂 I, too, have certain scents that evoke memories. Your post inspires me to write about them!

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