Slice of bravery.

She is brave, braver than she knew. She gave up everything. She planned and challenged, fought and persisted. I can’t even complete an application.. or a unit plan.. without wondering, in terror, what if. I can’t envision myself happier or in a different job. I’m afraid to look beyond what is. What I wouldn’t give to be a little dauntless.


8 thoughts on “Slice of bravery.

  1. Less “daunt” will come with time, practice, and… On second though, when I was dauntless, I was too relaxed and not at my best – striving for the best for my students. Maybe this is the exact “right track” to be on. Great first slice. Welcome to this wonderful community!!

  2. It’s the “what if’s” that give us fodder for writing. What if you didn’t post? Then no one would hear your voice and the world would be a sadder place. Welcome and enjoy this journey!

  3. Love the title of your blog and your sunflower! I enjoyed reading some of the earlier posts on your blog. I’m always excited to meet bloggers who also teach middle school. Welcome to Tuesday SOL! This is a very supportive community

  4. Sunflower at the top of your blog is beautiful! Welcome to this wonderful writing community! I am with Ramona, we need more secondary teacher voices here!

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