We’re on top of the world.

The last day of the school year was spent laughing, which, honestly, is the best way it could be spent. The students reminisced about their favorite parts of the year. We line danced to middle school dance classics and played hot potato with my owl stress ball. As for the teachers, we took this fantastic opportunity to be as ridiculous as possible.

20140622-011758-4678188.jpgThere will always be days when life happens and when the world decides to act as a compactor on your soul and surrounds you with every trial and tribulation that could ever come your way, and then there are days like this: days filled with love and friendship and laughter that can never be replaced.

With the ending of their last year in our building, it’s only fitting to shout out to the most outgoing, energetic, unique bunch of students around: my first kids.

We made it. With the completion of graduation and the 8th grade dance, you, my first babies, embark on your newest journeys into the world, and I seal the deal on my first year of teaching. 

We’re on top of the world, dragons. A year ago, when all of you were in my class embracing the “fishhay fishaaaaaay” and showing how we “started from the bottom, now we here,” this was a distant future. But here you are! You did it. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you for the accomplishments you have made in the last year. 

10300215_10152519734979445_9051040196722983040_n Thank you for all that you’ve taught me (yes, you taught the teacher something). Thank you for teaching me that it’s not all about test prep and quiet classrooms and for reminding me at how wonderful it is to learn about someone through an essay. Thank you for believing in me and trusting me to guide you through our toughest days so you could shine your brightest on stage last night.  Because of you, I’m on top of the world. 

No matter where your life takes you, you will always be dragons, and this will always be home.


This final day couldn’t have been any more perfect, and I hope all new teachers experienced something similar. Congratulations, new kids – we did it!

Ms. Sunflower with her face to the sun


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