No impact is too small.

With graduation having came and past on Friday, every social media site has been flooded with retrospective entries of gratitude and excitement for the future. It’s humbling to read all of these wonderful posts as I, a proud 2013 graduate, am taken back to a year ago when I was in their shoes expressing my undying love to the same institution that, too, changed their lives forever.

“No impact is too small,” a dear friend commented as he described the last time he will pack his car and head down the main drive with brown and gold in his rear view mirror.

No impact is too small. I love it. When looking at the big picture, we often forget that even the smallest amount of change is change for the better. I always think that if my scores are abysmal, I didn’t do anything nor did I achieve anything. If my test scores are low, that means I didn’t teach them enough. Well, no. The fact that they can recall the very first article we read in September and the theme of it says that something I taught them stuck with them. The article was about bullying. To date, I’ve only had one HIB instance all year. That’s change. That’s an impact.

Taking that notion even farther, you don’t have to touch every life you meet to have made a difference and to leave an impact. We’re not talking Deep Impact with a giant meteor, here. Think ripple effect. The impact of that one stone creates the ripples of positive change. That’s the impact you want to make. Living earnestly and humbly. Opening doors for strangers. Saying “good morning” to every single student who passes your room at 7:40a. Letting another teacher go ahead of you at the copy machine. Volunteering to help someone in need, even if it’s carrying books down the hallway. Those small actions, those tiny ripples, that we overlook leave an impact.

Remember, no impact is too small. No ripple stands alone.

-Ms. Schooled


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