A high five goes a long way.

At our most recent staff meeting, the boss lady initiated a new PBSIS program in which we “high five” one another by leaving notes on our classroom doors. Funny, serious, sentimental. It’s our way of saying, “hey, I see you, and you rock.”

The funny thing about these notes is that most of us are sticking with anonymity, and the guessing game begins. “What did I do to get this?” “Who’s handwriting is this?” It’s like an adult version of those valentines we got in elementary school or the candy grams after the high school play.

It was pretty amazing leaving work today and walking past an insane amount of love on each door. If you figured out your secret admirer, kudos, but even if you didn’t, you’re still left with knowing that someone thinks you’re wicked awesome.


I love my team.
Ms. S.


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