Calm in the face of fear

Educational leadership is a fancy way of saying that you have the control of your surroundings: the students in your room, the situations that occur, and the learning that is had. We showed that today in what I will humorously entitle (because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry) The Great Evac. of 2014.

On the coldest day in the history of.. ever (at least for us), we were evacuated due to a pipe bursting in the office. Ten degrees. Our dragons endured the below freezing weather without coats before seeking refuge in another building. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked, “Ms. Sunshine, is this a real emergency?” with a face of pure terror (and frostbite). It was up to us today to reassure them, especially my young dragons, that everything was going to be okay, even when we had no idea what was going on.

When in the gym, the team and I realized that we could be there a while. Off stage, we questioned what the hell was going to happen, but when the dragons had us in sight, we giggled about heating up lunch and how it was a nice brisk walk for the day.

As teachers, it was our responsibility to keep our kids safe but also to reassure them that they were safe. For sixth grade, I think that was our biggest task and accomplishment today. Sure, we had bright red faces, too, and were as frozen as they were. (Fun fact: my room key was stuck to my hand.) By showing them that we could shrug it off and relax, we inspired them to do the same. After a short while, we braved the arctic again and made it back home to our cozy corridor in the back of the school.

Days like these are survived because we have each other. We lean on each other: when family issues stress us, when friends let us down, when school troubles have us at our wit’s end, when our bowels aren’t cooperating, even when frost bitten and scared. That’s that teams are for, and as salty as we can be with each other, I’m happy to be a part of mine.

I’m also happy to have the best neighbors of all time, one of which having saved the day with a hot chocolate (WITH MILK; pivotal detail) delivery after our trip to Antarctica. What a gal. You get a laminated copy of the Doing Things Right form for that one, mama.

Keep trucking, friends. We made it to 2014 and survived the cold! Is there anything we can’t do?!
– Ms. inSpired


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