Dumping thoughts like confetti

For a first day back from a twelve day winter break, yesterday was an awesome day.

1-million vs. 1-billion. The number of people in the city versus watching on television.
2,000. The number of pounds of confetti dropped in the city.
2,688. The number of crystals on the ball.
4,000. The number of years ago when the tradition of honoring a new year began.
46. The year (B.C.) when Julius Caesar named January 1st the start of a year.
18-million. The number of flowers used in the Rose Parade.
10,000. The number of walkers at the Mummers Parade.

(Check out more fun facts about NYE here.)

When it comes to interdisciplinary work, today I nailed it. We talked stats. We talked history. We transitioned into identifying that 45% of all people create a New Years resolution, and of that 45%, only 46% keep that resolution for six months. We challenged ourselves to write resolutions that we think we can keep, so when we revisit them in six months, we’ll see if we’re a part of the 46%. FUN STUFF. We also played jeopardy as a review and in case of a snow day (which ended up happening- thanks Hercules). Fun times were had in the sunshine room today.

Although it was a great day, it was a challenging one. It’s actually hard to write about this because I don’t even know where to start. Now, I will admit that this probably seems like the most miniscule issue for most, but to me, this hit home a lot more than expected.

In the hustle and bustle of the day, I reconnected with my work from last year. What an emotional experience. In all of the craziness that succeeded my seventh grade experience – including, but not limited to, graduating, working, applying for jobs, starting work, and moving – I had completely forgot how crazy and wonderful that experience had been. Amongst other things, I learned the value of passion and being passionate about what I was doing. Along with my lessons from February to May, I found my reflection journals, my most raw and honest thoughts about everything that I was surviving for the semester.

I was called upon to have this work resurface for the best of the team, and, although conflicted for many personal reasons, I did what was best – printed all fourteen weeks of plans, assessments, and supplements and placed them in a binder for the boss lady to use or pass along as needed. Typical Sunshine- when faced with this decision, I turned to my fellow sixth grade Dragons for help, and the opinions were varied. However, after talking with friends, it all came down to conscience. Somehow this fell on me, and although it’s not my job to provide anything for a different class, it was the right thing.

Looks like nothing’s gonna change.
Everything still remains the same.
I can’t do what ten people tell me to do,
so I guess I’ll remain the same.

I mean, think about it. We’re teachers. We’re in the business of helping people, right? We joined this profession because we wanted to devote our lives to helping students realize their potential and inevitably achieve their dreams. I’m a teacher. I want to help people. So, if my emotional stake in my work is compromised to help the next group of dreamers, so be it. By moving past my stubbornness and pride, I know that I did the right thing. Look at me. I wouldn’t have made it this far without the boss lady’s guidance or ample resources that she kindly left behind for me. I’m helping someone else make it though.

It’s just at my own expense.

Ah, well. It hurt to revisit that work and send it away, but here’s to hoping that it inspires even bigger and better activities that far surpass the shenanigans that occurred last year. Here’s to hoping that that little white binder becomes the stepping stone for something so powerful and great. Here’s to hoping for maximum learning.


To end on a good note-

Throwing this in here for a few reasons:

  1. What we do is important. Maybe we’re not rock stars or brain surgeons, but we’re teaching skills that will help students achieve their dreams. We’re famous in our own small town for the achievements we foster everyday.
  2. Their love is inspiring. Aside from the fact that I consider Miranda Lambert my spirit animal for being completely and utterly fierce, they defied odds to be together, and the way they look at each other says it all.
  3. Girl power. Enough said.

Enjoy the snow. Thanks for an extended break, Hercules.
(“more like Hunkules!”)
Ms.  Searching for her Sunshine


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