From the eyes of a new teacher: thank you.

As new teachers in the world of education, we, the new kids, have so much to be thankful for, and if I were to speak for all of us, I think I could identify a few things that we all appreciate.

Thank you to the teachers who have paved the way for us. We could all agree that there has been at least one teacher who left a huge mark on our lives and inspired us to become a teacher. We all could identify the teachers we loved and the teachers we hated for one reason or another. That teacher from eleventh grade who taught you to love words. That teacher from sixth grade who told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything because you struggled in math. The good teachers and the bad teachers taught us lessons we probably hadn’t realized at the time, but now, as new professionals, we use those experiences to shape ourselves into the teachers that we would like to be.

Thank you to those who took a chance on us. Most of us are fresh out of college with sample units and rose colored glasses in tow, ready to make a change and inspire our students. We’re not perfect, but we are some of the hardest workers that you will encounter in your days. We want to learn; we live for learning. We will always do everything in our power to become better teachers, and we have this opportunity because someone saw something in us that was worth taking a chance on. 

Thank you to our coworkers. Some of you serve as mothers, sisters, friends when we need them; other are antagonists in the plots of our stories. Regardless of the roles that you play, we couldn’t get through our days without you. We learn from you, we learn with you, and we value having you by our sides as we trudge our way through this most crazy and wonderful time in our careers.

Thank you to our friends, those brave individuals who choose to endure hours of venting about core content standards, evaluation systems, and those pesky students who refuse to work to their fullest abilities. More times than not, it’s hard for us to express how we feel because we understand that most of what frustrates us is foreign to those who are on a different career path. Additionally, we know that you, as well, are facing struggles of your own while you trudge down your own path. Thank you for listening and loving and encouraging. You’re the individuals who give us the strength to get up in the morning on the days when we are defeated; you’re the individuals who helps us shine and put our best feet forward. We couldn’t survive this journey without you.

From this new teacher, I wish you all the happiest of thanksgivings. Thank you to all of the people in my life who have made a difference; you all know who you are.
Most sincerely,
-Ms. S.


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