“Open up the windows; let in the light!”

shout out to Lisa Writes for always being my light and inspiration.

This isn’t based on the sunshine room or the dragons, but it is a legitimate lesson for the week. Today has been a day. Truthfully, it’s been a week. At times like these, I need a miracle, and somehow one came, laced with love and sounds of the bayou.

If there is one thing that I miss about college, it is most certainly my fabulous roommate. Three years ago, we were thrown together by chance, graced by the luck of transferring and medical forms, and three years later, we’re enjoying our own classrooms, shenanigans, and all the workings of the lives of new reading teachers. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t have made it this far without her, so consider this an ever heartfelt ode to lady O.

Remember that birthday celebration when you left with a free shirt and we didn’t pay for a thing?

or the birthday party we threw for ourselves?

or when we looked professional?

or fancy?

I know you remember that hectic and crazy and wonderful time when we graduated.

and all of those times we spent remembering all of those times.

like the time we wore matching costumes for the Haunted Student Center..

…and that time we hung out with Jimmy Fallon.

If I’ve learned anything from this week, it’s that life happens, and before you know it, those days you cherished are long gone and the timer is running out. Therefore, this is a shout out to you, lady O, for all that you do and all that you are.

It’s amazing to think of how much has changed in one year. A year ago, we would be curled up under university blankets on our extremely shitty living room furniture, most likely drinking wine and complaining about Shakespeare or seminar or how it is completely unrealistic to find other roommates that clicked as much as us. We would be rotating between our stable schedules of club meetings, sporting events, and Chopped reruns; and the biggest dilemma of our days was always planning our outfits the night before.

Every smile, every giggle, and every reminder of the good times over our quality three years of friendship are what help me get through my toughest days. Whether we’re quoting our favorite Disney movies, having a quality karaoke session with a few badass country girls, or planning our trip to New Orleans, I can always count on you- my first roommate and my best one- to remind me of how truly wonderful life is and how lucky I am. I don’t know what I would do without you. Continue to shine, dear star, and continue to change the lives of your students by loving books and words and learning. You inspire me, and I know that you inspire them.

In honor of Thanksgiving, remember to pay homage to the road and the companions that brought you to the adventure that you’re on.
Journey on, friends.
-Ms. S.


One thought on ““Open up the windows; let in the light!”

  1. I really can’t put into words how awesome you are. Talk about inspiring people? You are doing such great things. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. I’m so excited for what’s ahead and this is just the beginning. You are going to continue to shine bright like the super star YOU are. Your enthusiasm about education and helping others is contagious. You put your all into what you do and strive to be the best you can be. I could not be more thankful for how things worked out over in 515. The idea of sharing a room with someone whom I had never met was the ultimate stressor, but look at what came of it – I quickly gained a best friend and one who I know will always be there to vent to about our new careers, to laugh with about jimmy fallon pretending to be the beibs, and to watch videos of baby goats doing flips off one another while someone is singing about soda pop and the projects in the background. I will always cherish those times in 515A and on this Thanksgiving would also like to pay homage to one of the most thoughtful and caring friends I know. ❤ you Ms. S.

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