“I am home.”

After a rough loss on the football field this Sunday, our dragons were broken, and they needed love. To their surprise, their teachers, past and present, were there ready to embrace them and remind them of how spectacularly wonderful they are. I work in an area that is notorious for influencing our students to succumb to outside pressures rather than rise about them in the classroom. Having the opportunity to get to know now two groups of little dragons has taught me the lesson that many of my students do not encounter encouragement after they leave the building at 2:15. At first it broke my heart to know that these angels pass by day to day without their greatness and light being acknowledged by the world around them, and then it had occurred to me that what is ignored outside of my room should be celebrated within it every. single. day.

I love my kids, my old kids and my new kids. They are products of their surroundings and the world that they must endure. They have a light within them that cannot be matched, and I love watching that light emerge on the basketball court, during a classroom skit, or in a brief moment of time when a student chooses to step away from what is expected of them and acts with his or her own volition.

My goal in life, now and forever, is to make 6-3 home for anyone who needs it. The sixth graders looking for a good laugh. The seventh graders that hate their homeroom teachers. The eighth graders who need someone to hear them.

For any dragon who needs one, welcome home.
Ms. S.


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