While sitting in my living room, indulging in local blueberry wine and a pb&j, looking over plan ideas, I can’t help but think of my brother.

This one. What a snazzy guy.

Throwback: on whatever day and for whichever occasion, my brother had been watching me. I couldn’t have been older than ten or eleven. Like he always did, he made sure that I had everything I could ever need, and that included lunch. Peanut butter and banana roll-ups with tortillas and an apple on the side. It still makes me giggle. Of all of the ingredients we have in our house, he made me that, and it was probably the best lunch I’ve ever had. It was genuine; it made me smile. Flash forward over ten years, and I’m still smiling at that one lunch my brother made me that one afternoon. The smiles matter. They are what get you through the days that you feel like have ran you. The smiles get you through.

Today was one of those smile days. After much convincing and many, many giggles, the sixth grade dragons found themselves dressed as each other, and it was easily the best day that I’ve had down our hallway. We smiled. We laughed. We were utterly ridiculous. This will be a day that I think we all will remember and will revisit when we need to be uplifted. This is our peanut butter moment.

Many heartfelt smiles go out to each of you for being great sports today and great colleagues every day.

Smile on, friends.
-Ms. S.


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