It’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

A fun fact about me is that I do my best work when I’m pissed off. Quite ironic coming from Ms. Sunshine, I’d say, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned about myself over five years of college or one month of my career, it’s that I do my best when I feel that I have something to prove.

There are going to be days when everything is all sorts of wrong. There are going to be classes that feel as though they are the Titanic taking on water fast. Your discipline is off. That kid in the front row just can’t control themselves. You’ve lost your train of thought. You’re getting observed. IT HAPPENS.

I’ve learned that the most productive way to move forward is to take the lousy moments and use them as motivation. “Tackling fuel.” Use the crud to produce something better. A diamond is a rock that handled pressure exceptionally well, after all.

When all else fails, use your angels as your inspiration.

Remember that sixth grader, that one sixth grader on your team, that told her parents that she had the time of her life with you at the relays.

Remember that student, that one challenge that was the first to get the “scared straight” talk, who left this note at the end of class to make YOUR afternoon.

Bad days will be bad days. Not everyday will be perfect. Maybe you won’t always get the support from your friends that you know you need; maybe you’ll struggle with finding your place or finding your voice. No matter what, those kids are yours, and when all other voices fade from your world, remember that their voices are the ones that want to be heard.

Keep on keepin’ on, new teachers. We’ve made it this far.
-Ms. S.


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