Holy first day, Batman.

(Preface: so many heart felt shout outs to my incredibly sweet brother for allowing his baby sister to take him up at 5am to take her picture for this picstitch. What a guy.)


You can never really have a first day twice.

It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around the fact that today was my first day, my real first day, the beginning of my career. As I told my kids today, you’ll never have a first day of sixth grade ever again. I’ll never have a first day of my first year again. Well, let me tell you, this one was a doozy.

The number of things that went wrong today was astronomical. I started the day with realizing that my grade book and seating charts were all made with the wrong subject’s class list. This was soon succeeded by feeling rushed throughout homeroom and probably having omitted some sort of important information. Next came the only amount of caffeine available within reach – my primarily flat, slightly shaken coke zero – exploding all over me, my sunshine yellow cardigan, and my cheery attitude. To top it off, another teacher wore an almost identical outfit. How the hell did that happen?

After all of that, it was still a good day. With all jobs (not just this one), sometimes it takes your colleagues to remind you of how wonderful the day is and how brightly you can shine if only you choose to. I was lucky enough to experience that today.


The amount of support that I have at this school is overwhelming. Having so many people come in my room at the end of the day – core team members, my mentor, and colleagues in other grades and specialties – truly makes me feel like this school is home. I hope that some of you read this (you know who you are) and realize how much I value you, your friendship, and your faith in me.

This has only been day one of a long journey, but it’s my first first as a dragon.

Time to experience my first second day.

– Ms. S.


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