It’s baaaaaack.

While going through the motions of the prof education program, the zombies and I frequently commented that we will never, ever, ever ever ever use this type of information. I’ll admit it: dead wrong.

Today was officially my first day of work and was an in-service day devoted to objectives and technology support. During our session on SGOs, student group objectives, it frustrated me that I felt unprepared. I felt like I didn’t know a thing. Why didn’t I know this? How did this stray from the radar for five years and three degrees? After two hours, the lightbulb went off: TWS. The idea of SGOs is a large scale replica of TWS 5. We denote a select group, pre- and post- assess, and work to track student progress and achievement through objective, measurable means. I couldn’t believe that my nights slaving over that portfolio had paid off! So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be working with my PLC, mentor, VP, and anyone who wants to join in the fun of a new teacher creating her first objective to trace from November to April. Although I shouldn’t do a tiered SGO (one similar to my TWS) for my first one, I feel so relieved that I had walked away from James Hall with more insight than I had thought.

All hail the TWS.

– Ms. S.


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