Invest in your duct tape.


Prepare yourselves for the best anecdotal advice that I’ve gotten thus far as a dragon.

When I got to my room today, I was heartbroken – completely shattered – to find all of my decorations that I had lovingly hung outside of my room in a pile on the floor; Mother Nature decided that they weren’t meant to stick. I sadly picked up my pile of sunshine and walked into my room utterly defeated. Later in the day, the former queen of 6-3 imparted an important piece of wisdom: duct tape. Of course! I should’ve known that I needed something that is strong enough to hold my sanity together to display my class of suns. What was I thinking?

As the day progressed, I thought a lot about the dynamics of cores and cliques and content areas. I was getting advice and suggestions from every angle, and at times, it was hard to differentiate between everything. Through the confusion, one thing remained in my head: duct tape. I had tried all sorts of new fangled contraptions and techniques to get those damn suns to stay on the wall and failed miserably, and had I just taken a second to think back to the basics, I would’ve realized that duct tape, ol’ reliable, was the right fit. The same goes for how I conduct myself and my classroom. Although others have exceptional ideas about what I should do, I need to find the right fit for me, and that isn’t always the same fit for everyone else.

As I prepare to meet my little sun-shining dragons on Thuraday, I need to remember to rely on my duct tape. I need to remember that although everyone has an opinion, the best fit for me is me: my opinions, my decisions, my beliefs. I shouldn’t change, and I shouldn’t be worried about not changing.

If the duct tape works, stick to it.

– Ms. S.


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