Look beyond the logistics

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

The motto of one of my favorite gems. He’d be happy I’m putting this in here.

This is something that I know already I need to learn. It’s all about perspective, especially for the new teacher. You can look at everything as either a burden or a blessing. There are so many small things that need to be done to be successful in this job, and recently, I feel like they are weighing me down. The day has been running me.

Pensions, 403b’s, tax forms, disability? Sometimes I feel like I’m planning for the end of my career before it even begins. I know that I’m in a field that is meant to be a career and not a job, something to be rewarding and fulfilling throughout your life. I know that, being 23, these things are really weighing on me, but it’s important to consider them. Fellow greenhorns, don’t sweat the logistics just yet. I feel like I’m going grey before I even started teaching! It shouldn’t be a hassle; it should be an exciting moment to realize what your salary is or how by planning your retirement now, you know that your kids won’t have to worry about financial aid in college. Okay, getting deep, but take it from someone who’s learning the hard way: don’t sweat these types of things just yet.

I realized that I’ve jumped far into this story without giving some necessary information. This school is my heart. I student taught here and am fortunate enough to call so many now colleagues my friends. Being back feels like coming home, so this portion of my transition into the real world has been great.

As the new sixth grade reading teacher, I’m taking over for someone who has served as a well established, very loved dragon in the school community. From the gate, I knew that I have huge shoes to fill. As I try to plan what I’m going to do next week – dear lord – I always think of the little things she says as she passes through my room (MY room): “Don’t be me. Be better!.” “Bedazzle the crap out of this, Sunshine.” “Do this your way. Make this yours.” It’s hard to look beyond her history to see my future, but I know that in order for me to be able to spread my wings and soar, I need to do this my way, suns and all.

Tomorrow will be filled with more decorating, more panic attacks, and hopefully some planning and posting. It’s almost crunch time, and although I’m the greatest procrastinator in the history of procrastinating, I know that I need to get this done in a timely, relatively professional manner. This isn’t TNLB..

.. but just in case, the coffee pot will in fact be prepared for some very long nights.

Ms. S. 


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